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Freud Dreams Museum

Freud Dreams Museum opened its doors in Saint Petersburg on November, 4, 1999 to the centennial anniversary of the first edition of his great book "The Interpretation of Dreams". The museum is dedicated to the world of dreams, Freud`s theories and his passion for art and ancient artefacts. The Petersburg museum is tied to the other Freud`s museums - the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, where the great thinker practiced his art for many decades, and the Freud Museum in London, where his personal library, great collection of more than three thousands antiquities and the famous Freud`s couch are exposed. But unlike the Vienna and London Museums, Saint Petersburg Freud Museum is not connected with any concrete place where Freud lived nor with the thihgs he touched and used, but with his ideas and dreams - with the realm of the ideal, the ephemeral and the virtual. Freud Dreams Museum is a museum of psycoanalysis, a museum of phychic (not material) reality: the palimpsest of words and images, feelings, intentions and daydreams. The Dreams Museum represents a total installation. All its walls, floors, celings and surfaces - visible and also unvisible - are conceived, calculated and arranged so that the visitors can reconfigure the museum`s visual elements according to their own experiences, fantasies, dreams and desires.

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