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The beginning of the new millennium became the turning point in the history of Konstantinovsky Palace. The original idea of Peter I is realized to the three-hundredth anniversary of St.Petersburg Konstantinovsky Palace becomes the embodiment of the government of Russia. The funds for it were given by the state. The International Charity Fund was created. Businessmen and ordinary citizens Subscribed funds, charitable contributions arrived also from other countries. As a result more than two hundred million dollars were gathered. The works of architects, water engineers, builders and restorers lasted only a year and a half. Great work was done. Six thousands people were occupied with building and projection at the same time. The general planner was the GIPRONII of the Academy of Science in St.Petersburg and the general contractor was the consortium with "Sixteenth Trust LTD" at the head. Works were held day and night, as in Peter's time. At the beginning the whole work zone needed to be raised by two metres. The sea front of the gulf was strengthened, waterfront structures were built and the Morskoy (Sea) canal was laid on the shallow water of Markizova Luzha. Now the whole Konstantinovsky ensemble is the realm of canals, rivers and bridges. River-channels were cleared, the Big, the Carp, the Trout, the Flower and the Mill ponds were renewed and the system of sluices was restored. Twenty bridges were built including three drawbridges connecting the park with the Peter Island where the Pavilion of Negotiations is placed. The stocky domed building was constructed on the place of Leblon's forethought Temple of Water. The Palace of Congresses of the Russian Federation supervises such important objects as the small helidrom in the West Park and the modern Press-Centre based in the restored building of 1960s on the seashore. It transmits news all over the world. The cottage village called "The Consular Village" with comfortable houses is now ready for guests. The new 4-star hotel is opened in the rebuilt building of the Arctic College. The former Stable Building is now adapted for administrative and household needs. Restorers and modelers, painters and gilders and other valuable specialists have made a great and important work in unusually short time. The pylons of the main entrance are renewed. The new decorated metallic fence instead of the wooden fence of the 19th century is built from the side of the high road. Street lamps are placed in the park. The alleys of lindens and other wood species are planted. The coat of arms of the Romanov dynasty is put on the restored facade. Basements and cellars, grottos and the Big Terrace are also reconstructed. Sculptural lions and reindeers lie on the terrace as before. The interiors of the Palace are renewed. The former decorations of the Marble and the Blue Halls are restored. In front of the residence the stone parade ground is reconstructed. And the monument to the founder of St.Petersburg and Konstantinovsky ensemble Peter the Great symbolizes the time succession. The Palace of Congresses lives and the important issues are discussed in its Marble Hall and the Pavilion of Negotiations, the modern communication facilities work and guests from all points of the world are invited. And the whole Strelna thrives with Konstantinovsky Palace. This name not very famous earlier is uttered in many languages of the world.

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