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St. Sampson Cathedral

St. Sampson Cathedral in St. Petersburg is one of few monuments of religious architecture of the first half of the18th century, still standing. The first wooden St. Sampson Church was construction by Order of emperor Peter I in late November, 1709, in memory of one of the major battles of Peter's epoch, the Poltava Battle, and was consecrated in 1710. In those days it had been a custom to immortalize great acts and battles in triumphal arches or columns. But Czar-reformer Peter Alekseevich had justly ruled that a new church would be a closer and more understandable monument in the eyes of the Russian people. And since Swedes were defeated on June, 27, 1709, on a rememberance day of St. Sampson the Hospitable, the temple was consecrated in his name. The uniqueness of St. Sampson Cathedral lies in the mixture of architectural forms of the epoch before Peter the Great and elements of European architecture. The general style of the temple is that of Anna style baroque, at the same time as the bell-tower has an octahedral top with windows, it is possible to attribute the cathedral to the 17th century architecture of Moscow, Yaroslavl and Solikamsk. Of a special value is the main attraction of the church, a carved gilded iconostasis executed in the best traditions Russian wood carving of the first half of the 18th century. It contains a rare collection of icons of the first half of the eighteenth century, including images signed by I. Kvashnin and A. Pospelov. Thus, both the square in front of the cathedral, and the territory of the temple formed a uniform historical and cultural zone around the oldest spiritual center of St. Petersburg. In 1999, after restoration, on the day of the 290th anniversary of the Poltava battle, there was a state museum and monument open in St. Sampson's Cathedral.. Taking into account the numerous wishes of believers and the letter of the head priest of the Cathedral Fr. Ioann Malinin, there are great feast divine services and weekend services celebrated in the church on a regular basis.

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