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Summer Garden and Sumer Palace of Peter the Great

The Summer Palace - the witness of the whole Peter-s life - has remained without any radical changes up to the present day. The evidence can be found both in historical plans of the Summer Garden of the first half of the 18th century and in the sketch (1727) by M. G. Zemtsov. Thus, the Summer Palace is not only one of the first stone buildings in Saint-Petersburg, "the origin of the city", but also a unique sample of the architectural work of its founder reflecting the peculiarities of Peter-s character. In the early 19th century the Summer Palace served as a dacha for high ranking state officials. The museum was founded in 1903, the year of the 200 anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. It housed an exhibition dedicated to Peter I. After 1917 the Palace was kept as a historical and architectural monument. In 1934 the memorial museum of history and art was opened in the Summer Palace of Peter I. Not much is left in Saint-Petersburg since the time of its foundation. The Summer Garden is one of the places where one can feel the atmosphere of Peter-s time. The garden with a collection of sculptures and the Summer Palace that was the first Emperor-s residence constitute a single museum complex. Naturally, the Cabin of Peter the Great is also included in the museum. In 2004, the Summer Garden that has become part of the State Russian Museum celebrates its 300th anniversary. The Summer Garden is a pearl in the garden necklace of Petersburg. Peter I really liked this garden. It was laid out in 1704. Time has changed the garden a lot; however, its original planning still remains. The Summer Palace of Peter I laid out according to the project by Domenico Trezzini in 1714 is one of the earliest monuments of architecture in Saint-Petersburg. The Summer Palace has never been rebuilt and suffered no damage during the Great Patriotic War compared to Peter-s buildings in Petergof. Peter I wanted the garden of his residence to be as beautiful as the famous gardens of European Monarchs. To decorate the Summer Garden he commissioned marble busts and statues from Italy. This purchase laid the foundation of the collection of sculpture of European level.

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