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St Petersburg Overview City Tour for cruise passengers

Duraion-4 hours!!! We are glad to offer you a wonderful trip round a beautiful city of St. Petersburg. During our City Tour youll see the most famous places of interest of St. Petersburg such as the Palace Square, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the Decembrists Square, the river Neva embankments, the Winter Palace, the St. Isaak Cathedral, the Nevsky prospect, the Smolny Cathedral, the Art Square, the Summer Garden as well as some unknown places of the city: the Square of Five Corners, the New Holland Island, etc.

price per person starting from 40.-

White Nights Draw Bridges Tour for cruise passengers

Duration: 3 hours. We suggest you going on a wonderful excursion along embankments of the River Neva driving from one island of the city to another. During this excursion youll see various bridges of St. Petersburg including the most impressive ones such as the Palace Bridge, the Troitskiy Bridge, the Liteyniy Bridge and others. The unique thing about the bridges is that during the period of navigation along the River Neva every night at about 1 a.m. the bridges are drawn up to give way to big ships. That is really a magnificent spectacle that fascinates many onlookers each night. During the Draw Bridges Night City Tour youll also drive along the central avenues and streets andll see the night beauty of the city with its majesty and elegance and our guide will tell you the most breathtaking legends of the mysterious city of St. Petersburg. Means of conveyance: mini-bus/ automobile

price per person starting from 28.-

Peterhoff and Pushkin for cruisers

This 7-hour tour includes visit to the both major suburb sightseeings of St.Petersburg, summer ex-residences of Russian court-Pushkin and Petrhoff. Tour to the museum-reserve Peterfof is an excursion to the museum of 150 fountains. The biggest fountain in Peterhof is Samson Fountain, it shoots a 18-metre-high vertical jet of water. Tour to the state museum "Catherin's Palace" located in the town Pushkin (former "Tsarskoye Selo" - "The Royal Village"). The palace is the most beautiful summer place of the Russian tsars of the Romanovs' house, where you can see the famous "Amber Room".

price per person starting from 97.-

Hermitage for cruisers

Duration: 4 hours! Once you are in the Hermitage, walking around the exhibition halls, you will feel as if you travel through time and epochs. You will admire the richest collection of ancient and early medieval items, works of art from Ancient Greece and Rome, fabulous treasures of oriental culture and wonderful European art. We hope that you will remember your visit to the State Hermitage museum as one of the best experiences of your life.

price per person starting from .-

1-day shore tour - Light VISA FREE

For those who stay in our city just for one day, we offer a short, but saturated program consisting of the visits to the most important Saint Petersburg sights. This tour includes visits to the Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress and one of the cathedrals to your choice. Water city tour along rivers and channels of the city closes the program.

price per person starting from .-

1-day shore tour - Medium VISA FREE

This one-day shore tour includes a visit to suburbian tzar residences Pushkin and Peterhof and on returning back to the city you wil visit Savior on the Blood Cathedral with a most impressive mosaics decoration. Water city tour closes the program.

price per person starting from .-

1-day shore tour - Extensive VISA FREE

Option 3 is a tour that includes a City Tour, a visit to one of the suburbian palaces and parks (Tsarskoye Selo or Peterhof) and a visit to the Hermitage Museum with its fantastic collection of masterpieces. At the end of the day you will enjoy a Water City Tour.

price per person starting from 90.-

2-days shore tour - Classic VISA FREE

This is a classical 2-days St Petersburg shore tour that includes visits to all of the major sights of the city and its suburbs. On the first day you will take a ride to Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof. On returning back to the city you will visit one of the cathedrals and take a boat ride along rivers and channels. Second day starts with a city tour. After the tour you will visit a famous Hermitage Museum and then Peter and Paul fortress.

price per person starting from .-

2-day shore tour - Open-air VISA FREE

This is mostly an open-air 2-days shore tour that includes a visit to Shuvalovka - an open-air museum of Russian ancient architecture, and a water "meteor" ride from Peterhof to Saint Petersburg. Besides it includes a city tour, a water city tour, visits to fortresses and cathedrals of the city, Yusupov Palace and Peterhof.

price per person starting from .-

2-day shore tour -St.Petersburg- Moscow VISA FREE

This tour is good for the passengers of the cruise lines which arrive to St.Petersburg early in the morning at 06:00 or 07:00 am. This allows to take a morning flight to Moscow, have a day tour there and then get back to Saint Petersburg. Second day includes a Hermitage Museum, cathedrals and fortresses of the city, city tour and water city tour.

price per person starting from .-

3-day shore tour - Classic VISA FREE

This is an essential Saint Petersburg shore tour. Program of the tour includes visits to all of the major city sights and trips to most famous suburbian parks and palaces - Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof, Pavlovsk.

price per person starting from .-

3-days shore tour - Moscow-St.Petersburg VISA FREE

This shore tour is suitable for the passengers of cruise ships Balmoral / Crystal Serenity / Saga Pearl / Seven Seas Voyage / Discovery / Insignia which stay in Saint Petersburg for three days. The program includes visit to Moscow for one day, and the other two days are dedicted to Saint Petersburg and its suburbs.

price per person starting from .-

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