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Nevsky Grand-hotel (mini-hotel)

The bigest of all Hotels on Nevsky Nevsky 22 hotel is situated in the very heart of St.Petersburg in the Golden Triangle the area, where most of the major tourist attractions are concentrated. For instance the world famous Hermitage is within a ten minutes walk from the hotel. The first 17 rooms accommodated guests in April 2004, 16 more rooms are due to be ready by July and additional 16 will come in the spring making up 48 room altogether. The hotel has similar features as our other hotels Nevsky 90 and Nevsky 91, offering comfortable accommodation for a reasonable price. In addition the hotel equipped with air conditioning and local water heating system. Each room has a shower and a toilet, a phone and a TV-set. First class suite in addition is fitted with sauna and Jacuzzi. There are kitchen-cafes, Internet, fax-machine and other conveniences on the floors. Continental style breakfast is included. Other services including registration and transfers from airports and railway stations are available. Hotel has comfortable home-like atmosphere. The staff are friendly, helpful and speak English.

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