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Gatchina town with its palace and park ensemble is one of the most picturesque places of interest of Russia. It’s historical and art values are the cultural heritage of Russian people. We invite you on a captivating trip to a beautiful suburb of St. Petersburg where you can not only adore the magnificent work of Russian architects, sculptors and gardeners but also to admire the beauty of the Russian nature. Catherine II presented the Gatchina palace and park ensemble to her favorite Graph Orlov and after his death to her son – the great duke Paul, emperor Paul I to be. For the next 30 years Gatchina became his favorite summer residence and turned into some kind of a military camp that even two centuries afterwards has saved his mysterious spirit of a medieval fortress. The Gatchina Palace is surrounded by a huge park consisted of numerous gardens: the Holland gardens, the English gardens, Silvia and others. During a nice walk in this park you’ll admire beautiful pavilions, cascades, bridges and pergolas that communicates it an inimitable appearance.


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