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Saint Petersburg Cathedrals and Churches

Tour Summary

This excursion will help you to discover St. Petersburg as one the religious centers of Russia and with all its beautiful Cathedrals and Churches being also a center of Russian ecclesiastical art. During this excursion our guide will tell you the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, its development through the centuries and the modern state of affairs. During this Tour you will definitely admire not only religious monuments of the city but some historical and cultural monuments as well. As part of the excursion you’ll visit St. Isaak Cathedral – a unique monument of the Russian architecture and one of the best Cathedrals in Europe. You will walk around it to admire its grandiosity and majesty and you’ll get inside it to be impressed by its astonishing interiors. The decoration of the Cathedral includes the largest collection of Russian monumental art of the mid XIX century: more then 150 pieces of art. Among them the works of the most famous painters such as Vasily Shebuyev, Carl Briullov, Fyodor Bruni and others. More then 300 statues, sculptural groups and bas-relieves carried out by Ivan Vitali. St. Isaak Cathedral is often called the Museum of the Mosaic as more then 60 mosaic works by Russian masters decorate its interiors. Savior on the Blood Church is another outstanding peace of Russian ecclesiastical art that you’ll visit during the excursion. It also has the name of Jesus Christ Resurrection and was built and consecrated in 1907 on that very place where in 1881 the emperor Alexander II was killed. Savior on the Blood Church resembles by his architectural features the Russian old national churches of Moscow, Yaroslavl and some other old cities. It is crowned with 5 enameled domes and is decorated with various rocks and mosaics that cover almost the whole interior surface of the walls. In the Church you’ll see a special canopy with four columns of jasper – a part of cobbled roadway where Alexander II fell down having been mortally wounded is located there. During this excursion you’ll know the history of Alexander II’s life, his reforms and his tragic death. Savior on the Blood Church is very symbolic for St. Petersburg and for the whole Russia as it is the first Church having been built on the place of the Tsar’s death – one of the victims of approaching revolution who was killed by the people to whose good he dedicated himself.

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